Informed Consent Policy

  • All individuals have individual rights that are not to be infringed. Individual participants in studies have, for example, the right to decide what happens to the (identifiable) personal data gathered, to what they have said during a study or an interview, as well as to any photograph that was taken. Subjects have a right to privacy that should not be violated without informed consent.
  • Identifying information, including names, initials, or hospital numbers, should not be published in written descriptions, photographs, or pedigrees unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the subject (or parent or guardian) gives written informed consent for publication. Authors should disclose to these subjects whether any potential identifiable material might be available via internet as well as in print after publication.
  • Informed consent for publication should be obtained if there is any doubt. When informed consent has been obtained, it should be indicated later in the published article.