Education Division


PERI Education Division has 2 main activities:
– Managing Prodia Scientific Society
– Managing scholarship

PERI’s Faculty who supports the activities:
– Andi Wijaya, PhD
– Drs. Endang Hoyaranda
– Dewi Muliaty, PhD
– Ferry Sandra, DDS, PhD
– Marita Kaniawati, PhD
– Bertha Pangaribuan, PhD
– Trilis Yulianti, PhD
– Miswar Fattah, PhD
– Anna Meiliana, PhD

Prodia Scientific Society

Prodia Scientific Society / Masyarakat Ilmiah Prodia (MIP) was started in December 2013. MIP is a bimonthly learning class in health topics covering following subjects: obesity and metabolic disease; cardiovascular disease; kidney and hypertension; aging; stroke and neurodegenerative disease; hepatology; stem cell; bone; molecular biology; immunology, allergy and rheumatology; microbiology and infectious disease; hematology and coagulation; tumor and cancer; pediatric medicine; women’s health; environmental and occupational medicine. All scholars/scientists from Prodia and partner institutes are attending this full-day scientific program. For more information about all presented titles, please click here.

PERI’s Scholarship

Until the year of 2016, PERI has provided 230 scholarships for employees joined in Prodia Group:
– 106 scholarships for diploma
– 5  scholarships for undergraduate
– 84 scholarships for master degree
– 32 scholarships for doctoral degree

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